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Regan Archibald , Lac, FMP
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How a simple blood test can help you lose weight, sleep better, improve focus, memory, energy and libido

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what we know after 8,687+ labs…

…that with our Ageless Future program, our clients get reinvigorated about their business, improve relationships, have better, ideas, enjoy getting back into activities again, manage to prevent diabetes, have a better body composition, improved libido, better digestion, less pain, their brains are turned back on they look, feel and perform at their best.

Typical Patient Results

Typical Patient Results

Blood Labs combined with Peptide and Plasma Exchange Treatments are the foundation of Ageless Medicine and our Age-Reversal Program

Regan Archibald, Founder, EastWest Health, Ageless Future

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Health is the one investment that always yields an outsized return. Learn how a simple blood test can help you lose weight, sleep better, improve focus, memory, energy and libido

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Your Blood Doesn’t Lie

See how a simple blood test reveals the root causes of your health issues and enables personalized solutions.

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The Peptide Blueprint
The Peptide Blueprint

You were created to live a long, vibrant life, one free of pain, discomfort and disease and Regan Archibald will help you get there.

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transformational stories

Greg Ballards' 8-month transformation
Greg Ballards
Greg's health concerns

30 lbs. overweight

Knee and joint pain


Digestive issues

Thyroid and adrenal burnout

High stress and low libido

Poor sleep and memory

Greg's outcomes

Within 6 months he lost 32 lbs., he was able to golf and hike again, he could walk without pain, but above all, he could remember the dimensions of all the buildings he architected again

Tammy Bernstein's 7-month transformation
Tammy Bernstein
Tammys's health concerns

Recent divorce stress

Feeling unattractive and old

Chronic disease

Tried every diet and failed

Lost her purpose

Works too much

Tammy's outcomes

Regained her edge, freed herself from a permanent sense of loss and emotional/physical pain has reached minimal level

Tammy's words

Please share my story because I had no idea that these solutions existed that could change my life in so many ways

Getting your blood tested can reveal the same answers for you!

Regan Archibald

I believe millions of people are suffering needlessly and can access the treatments to substantially improve their quality of life.

Regan Archibald, Founder, EastWest Health & Ageless Future

Regan Archibald, Lac, FMP, is one of the leading Longevity Experts in the nation and serves as a Regenerative Therapy and Peptide Consultant at the award-winning clinic he founded in 2004, EastWest Health ( and now, Integrated Pain Specialists. Regan is the founder of Go Wellness and is the creator of the Peptide Mastery Course. He is a member of the International Peptide Society. He is the author of 8 books including, Never Stop Healing and Your Health Transformation.

As a Peptide Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Regan brings immense innovation and cutting-edge options for those looking to recover from pain, balance hormones, or increase performance or optimize their health. His clinic, EastWest Health, is the first Medically Managed Peptide Program that includes the use of Acupuncture and Herbs, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Regan believes that health isn’t a destination and disease doesn’t take vacations. That’s why he’s created one of the most innovative wellness curriculums in America called the “Health Accelerator Course.” He and his partners Cade Archibald and Scott Frogley, DC, combine their talents to create a best-in-industry patient experience. With over 1000 active members participating in weekly “HACs” (Health Accelerator Challenges), and thousands more tuning into his podcast, Never Stop Healing, Regan is truly not to miss on your health adventures.

If not teaching, writing, or working with patients in-office or virtually, you will find Regan in the Wasatch mountains with his wife Jessica and his kids, Zoe, Dominic, and Jonah. He loves to ski, snowboard, mountain bike, take ice baths, bio-hack, and is passionate about bringing art back into the practice of medicine.

Regan Archibald
Regan's Books

every day

I witness how people with cutting-edge diagnostics and integrative treatments, can look, feel and perform at their best.

Regan's Books
after helping thousands of people, we typically noticed:
200% Increase in Energy

Increase in Energy

80% Self-improvement


3x Increase in Future Health Confidence

Increase in Future Health Confidence

Why are our programs so effective ?

Peptides have been shown to protect the body and brain from various types of oxidative damage and stress. They are proven to possess a low toxicity, are incredibly effective, highly researched and studied. They represent the next generation of medicine and are helping people every day through the innovation they bring to health and lifespan.
Another big part of of peptides' potency is that they create better cell-to-cell communication, thus optimizing health.

The 3 Pillars of Ageless Medicine

The secret of our growth and of the outstanding results people achieve with us is that we take care of everything.

Our philosophy is that you need to reclaim your health and we are there to make that happen. We can send phlebotomist to your house or business, we meet for a detailed lab review and create a customized program for you.

This is what is included in our various treatment levels:
  • Labs – Blood Chemistry
  • Diagnosis
  • Complete Customized Program Design
  • Monthly Box of Peptides & Resources
  • Accountability calls for Performance Review
  • 2 on-site experiences a year for you to discover life-improving health secrets
  • Treatment and full body & brain makeover with regenerative medicine
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Diagnostics, Treatments and Devices
  • Ongoing guidance to ensure you achieve best results
3 Pillars

What Ageless Future

Blood Cleanup Support: Umbilical cord blood plasma contains bioactive molecules such as growth factors and cytokines, aiding the body's repair mechanisms. This can help in clearing cellular waste and minimizing aging by-products.

Improved Cellular Environment: The therapy introduces beneficial components that enhance the working space for cells, promoting rejuvenation and efficient repair.

Peptide Function Enhancement: Targeting peptides, crucial for tissue repair and immune function, the therapy may boost beneficial peptide activity, supporting key biological processes.

Detoxification Boost: By supporting liver and kidney health, the plasma components can enhance the body's detox capabilities.

Cellular Performance: A cleaner blood milieu and enhanced cellular support could make the body's cells, including stem cells, more effective in tissue maintenance and repair.

Key Beneficial

Anti-inflammatory Action: Umbilical cord plasma has a higher concentration of certain anti-inflammatory cytokines than adult plasma, potentially easing chronic inflammation.

Growth Factor Enrichment: It's abundant in growth factors like IGF and TGF-β, instrumental in tissue repair and regeneration, which also support detoxification and reduce inflammation.

Stem Cell Communication: Though free of stem cells, the plasma contains vital signaling molecules and components from stem cells like MSCs, offering immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Unique Hormonal and Protein Profile: The plasma exhibits a distinctive hormonal and protein composition, potentially boosting natural detoxification and aiding inflammation resolution.

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