Ageless Future Team

The Ageless Future Team: Improving Lives Every Day!

“I almost did not join the EastWest Health because of the location. I wasn't sure how the distance was going to work out, but I can tell you that team does an incredible job of accommodating your schedule and travel.

I had shoulder surgery, and I wanted to heal quickly. And inside of a year, they had my shoulder where I could play high-level pickleball and do really anything with weights. This was just by itself was amazing.
I’ve learned the benefit of anti-aging and all the benefits of using Regan and his team to understand your health, understanding your genetics, to maximize your lifespan and have really the best years of your life.

Think about it as a return on investment in the value of your health and the value of your time; my energy level has gone up significantly. I haven't been able to work this hard since I've been in my 30s and 40s without being tired and fatigued.

Plus my brain is clear. I sleep deeper. I recover faster. And I can have more output with my body like I did in my 20s and 30s. I couldn't imagine feeling this good, being almost 65. And I've told my wife hadn't felt this energetic since my early 40s. And I'm guy that works out 325 to 340 days a year.

EastWest Health is the best in the world at managing your health and managing your lifespan. It's been unbelievably amazing!”

Rick Simmons

CEO & Owner

“I was concerned about dedicating more time that I didn't have to new tasks for my health and longevity journey without any certainty they would be effective. But I have significantly increased my energy levels and have experienced phenomenal results in optimizing my health markers, and overall quality of life.

I knew this was right for me with the very first response I got from Regan, when I expressed my top concerns that were interfering with my ability to do the things I most enjoyed. And the things were stealing time away from me every day. I had expressed these things before to traditional healthcare professionals, and they were brushed away as simply what I would have to deal with because I was of a certain age and stage of my life. Regan listened and was able to explain what he and his team could do to address these concerns immediately.

He's the WHO that you want on your team to navigate that frontier for you in determining what will work and how to include that in your whole health approach.

My pain completely disappeared and hasn't returned in well over a year. I've lost weight without dieting. And that's been done with a few adjustments to my regular eating and exercise habits and no more naps. I have all the energy and focus I need to do even more than I was doing before. I'm feeling better than I have for almost 20 years. And my biggest issue now is finding some younger friends you can keep up with me.”

Sally Santos

Chief Analyst

I've literally done everything that they have offered inside their community, and I am blown away by the results.

I've been pretty fit most of my life, but the ability to take things to that next level has been profound. Having stem cells injected into my shoulder has been huge. I thought I was going to have surgery, but it's stronger and better than ever.

I highly recommend Regan and EastWest Health.”

Justin Donald

Financial Strategist & Author

“I am excited to be working with EastWest Health; they are taking such good care of me.

Based on my own individualized results, they've created a customized plan with leading-edge capabilities and protocols to help me get where I want to go. I'm experiencing more energy and more optimism that I can accomplish the results that I want to.

They are a wonderful team to work with, very capable, very knowledgeable and very supportive and encouraging.

So, if you're considering it, by all means jump in.”

Shannon Waller

Director of Marketing & Entrepreneurial Team Strategist

“I've been working with EastWest Health for a couple of years now. I originally went to them to help me get over long COVID. And we not only did that, but they helped me with several things that resulted from having long COVID.

It's been worth every single dime. My quality of life has improved incredibly. I've gotten so much more than I had hoped for or expected.

I originally just wanted to get over COVID, but my quality of life has improved so much.

The team at EastWest Health is honestly invested in my wellbeing very sincerely. They feel like family to me. I have more optimism. I'm more active. I'm more adventurous.

I have a favorite hike that I had not done for over 20 years because it just seemed impossible, and they not only helped me achieve that goal, but three of the staff members went with me! The investment that they have in me succeeding with my goals is huge, and it's sincere.”

Toni Landvatter


“EastWest Health has given me clarity; clarity about where I'm at, where I'm going, which I think has been unprecedented. I actually understand my body, and I feel like I know my body better than I ever have before.

The results really speak for themselves. Every single time we go back, our blood work improves, and we can noticeably see the changes and the effects that our health is having as a direct result of working with EastWest Health.

I love the fact that with EastWest Health, we have a one-shot team. We can go to them for absolutely everything we need. The team mentors us along the way and helps us really have more awareness of what we're feeling, what we're putting into our bodies and all of the health benefits.

It's something that we will continue on for the entirety of our lives because we just cannot imagine not having these tools as we go through life, and as we inevitably grow older and age.

EastWest's health has impacted not only our health, but our family's health. And we're eternally grateful.”

Ben & Jenna Laws

Ben - Co-Founder/CEO/Wealth Coach - Jenna - Co-Founder/CCO/CIO Evexia Wealth for both

“As the founder of DaVinci 50, not to toot my own horn, but I have access to the greatest minds in the world when it comes to this subject matter of life extension, health extension and age reversal. If you're not in the know, you are missing an opportunity to add a tremendous number of healthy years to your life, period. Why wouldn't you do that? You're enjoying life, you have things to do, things are just getting good, you don't want to now be looking at a downward path. Nothing could be more depressing.

But that is what 99% of the population experiences. You can have the right team, the right medicine, the right science, all created uniquely for you. That is Regan Archibald and this remarkable protocol. I've lost 30 pounds over the last six months, I feel much, much better, my blood work is better. And he has me on a path where I think he's going to play a big, big role in the success that I'm going to experience.

This one investment of time and money can have an exponential impact on you, on your family, on your friends, on your whole world. Your ability to live your mission, and to dramatically increase your runway.  So be smart, get at the front of the line, get access to the newest and most innovative medicine and science in the world.”

Richard Rossi

Founder - daVinci50

“I wasn't sure what to expect, but I can certainly tell you having been a client for well over a year now, it's been an amazing program.

I've gone to the Mayo Clinic and their executive physical program for a long, long time, probably 15 plus years. And what I found is the depth of things that get tested at EastWest Health was two to three times the level that I was experiencing at Mayo.

Regan an amazing expert in his area and a super great person to work with, and the team at EastWest is extraordinary.

It's been a remarkable experience. EastWest Health helps you get to the root cause and fix items, not just the surface level.”

Bryan Sweet

Owner/Wealth Advisor - Sweet Financial Partners

“For most of my life, I have expected myself to be the one that had to get up earlier, work harder, stay longer, and outrun the next guy, which worked for most of my early life or early adulthood.

I've experienced more self-confidence, more energy, more vitality, and most importantly, more presence.

EastWest Health is the best in the world at supporting you and being very intentional about listening to you, and in customizing a program to meet you where you are.

It continues getting better and better. With my renewed health and vigor, I'm able to just keep going, I’m like the Energizer Bunny now.”

Chad Jenkins

Entrepreneurial Coach - Strategic Coach

“We both love the results and are super, super happy that we became part of EastWest Health's team.

At first, I was a little hesitant with stem cells and peptides, in terms of where do we get it done?…. Mexico, South America, not really knowing that we could do it in the United States.

We flew out to EastWest Health for one of their VIP Longevity Retreats and it was the perfect opportunity to go and experience and really have our stem cells implemented all over the body…feet, ankles, straight up the nose through the brain, in the back, the neck, face.

Since saying yes, I've had expansions with receiving things in my brains and visions – all kinds of great and amazing things.

I'm a runner, I was having pain in my leg, all the way down with numbness in my feet and it's completely gone.

It is amazing and we love the results!”

Courtney Hazen

Found online presence but no jobs listed

“I've been working with EastWest Health now for about six months: stem cells first and then peptides. The stem cells I had in pretty much all areas of my body, my joints, back, neck, brain, heart and lungs. Since those treatments, my body feels great. As I age chronologically, it feels fantastic to have strength, flexibility and mobility. We're out in the world right now in Bali, and we're heading to Nepal after this and we're going to be climbing in the Himalayas. We just came from Peru and , as we're getting older, it's beautiful to be able to move across this planet feeling strong and flexible and collaborative.

We had the opportunity to talk to Tucker and Regan and in-depth onboarding and there's so much with the blood work and them really understanding where our bodies are and what our bodies are asking for. The programs have been tailored specifically to us. We have monthly calls with a health coach, a life coach to make sure that we're on track, that we're committed, staying true to our part of the bargain. It has been a terrific experience for us and looking forward to continuing our work with them. We age chronologically but we get younger physiologically, mentally, which has been a beautiful gift as a result of the program. If you're feeling pretty good, it does mean that it's not a good opportunity to take a look.

If you're feeling pretty bad, you got aches and pains, you got malaise, you got whatever else going on, health issues, gives your body an opportunity to turn back the clock and to feel what it feels like when we're young again. That's a big deal. What is your life worth? The answer is it's worth everything. Give yourself that opportunity as we did.”

Michael Hazen

Regional Vice President - Vistia Capital

“I've been a patient of EastWest Health now for about a year & I'm loving it. The #1 reason why I almost didn't join the program is because I wasn't even sure what a peptide was until about a year ago.

My goal is to stay away from as many pharmaceutical drugs as possible, and this program has kind of helped me down that path. The great thing about peptides is that they're naturally occurring, and they're not going to be detrimental to your health, like a lot of pharmaceutical drugs. They're also not addictive.

I've been super happy with the progress and the results. This has been the catalyst that really helped me get at that next level of fitness. My skin is even better. My libido is better. My energy has increased. My mind feels clear. My recovery has improved. EastWest Health is the best, and I've had amazing experience.

They're the best in the world at age reversal and longevity. Regan and his staff are incredible to work with and they’ve been instrumental in helping me get to these next level of health and wellness. They also have a lot of great resources. I love that the podcasts, books, materials…

Don't procrastinate. I wish I would have found this 10 years ago. EastWest can really help you achieve your goals.”

Matt Appel

Chief Financial Officer - East West Health

“The whole process with EastWest Health and their team is phenomenal. They make it seamless.

We had the opportunity to get to EastWest in person, and it was an absolute treat to meet the entire team and see their world class facility.

We're only a couple of months in and already both my wife and myself are seeing just phenomenal results. In fact, it's so good that we've already referred five or six dear friends.”

Chad Johnson

Entrepreneurial Coach - Strategic Coach

“I am turning 50 this year and about six months ago I really wanted to find a place that could help me maximize my health, get into the best energy that I could have, and I am a total outdoorsman. I love fishing, skiing, hiking, everything. I am very active in business. I'm a New York Times best-selling author. I'm an investor. I am keeping busy.

I sat down with Regan, and he walked through the whole process. Now after I've been working with them for five months, I'm down 20 pounds, I feel stronger and more healthy than I've ever been, and I'm just so thankful for for them, their guidance, their training, the education – it’s transformational and super, super fun!”

Randy Garn

Chief Strategy Officer - Arieli Capital / Author & Business & Life Strategist

“I almost didn't join the program because it sounded too good to be true.

The #1 benefit I've experienced as a result of this program, is just incredible energy. All of my biomarkers have improved dramatically. I've tried everything, and this program with Regan is incredible.

I'm one of those people that truly wants to live. I love life, and I want to live as long as I can if I'm still able to function and do things as opposed to just sitting in a chair.

EastWest Health does everything they say they're going to do, they have great follow-up, which is rare today. They have great people. They're friendly. And then they follow up. The experience is top notch.

I'm 59, but I feel like I'm 20. It's had a dramatic impact on my overall health and my mentality. I work out very hard at the gym and it's made my workouts more productive and better.”

Rob Rogers

Managing Director - Axcess Global

“Improvements all across the board. I'm feeling great, sleeping great, just total health transformation.

Regan’s level of expertise is incredible. He knows his stuff. Regan has been by far the most knowledgeable, on anything that comes to cutting edge, he's referencing scientific studies. He knows this stuff inside out. It's amazing.

It’s constant iteration, constant re-evaluation with blood labs, making sure, we're checking out where all the levels are at and continuously improving.

Working with EastWest is amazing. I can fire off an email or text, and I get a response right away, super responsive.

I'm 38 right now. I feel better than I did at 28. And probably even better than 18. Improvements across the board, all my biomarkers, fitness, strength, sleep, I dropped 20 pounds and I’ve got six pack abs for the first time in my life. (My wife doesn't mind that).

We've got two young girls, I can carry them up the stairs, and I feel great. My mobility feels good. I can be active constantly. I feel better than ever. I've had a phenomenal experience.”

Michael Mogill

Found and CEO - Crisp

“To be an amazing parent, to be an amazing entrepreneur, to be a high performer and enjoy the quality of life, be there as a great parent or spouse, it all comes down to your health, your energy, your vitality. And that made it an easy decision to invest to work with EastWest Health. 

They have provided a comprehensive framework starting with detailed blood work, coming up with a specific protocol to solve very specific and some troubling health issues. Getting visibility to information you never would have had before because your local provider is not providing anything nearly this comprehensive. And then being given a path and framework to resolve those issues, to bring back energy, to solve chronic problems, and just put you in a healthier state. 

And that means I'm finding I'm able to work longer if I want to. And that generates hundreds of thousands, if not millions of a year. I'm able to go to the skate park with my daughter or go jogging every morning and have consistent energy where before that was failing.

I can't recommend them highly enough.”

Charles Byrd

Founder - Pure JV

“EastWest is the best at customizing programs to your specific needs, to your blood type, for what your body needs to actually heal.

My experience working with EastWest has been just an expansion of friends and family.”

Chad Rushing

Managing Director - Steward Partners

“The main benefit I've experienced is a wonderful transformation in my appearance, my weight is down, my skin is better. I'm healthier. I sleep better.” 

Conventional medicine wasn't getting me where I wanted to be, and now I’m happy.”

Carol Jarvis


“The EastWest Health team did a fantastic job of customizing a plan for me. They sat with me and listened to my concerns and my goals and allowed me to tailor the plan to become something that was affordable to me but would also still be helpful. I have an understanding of my own wellbeing and how much control I have over that by what I eat and what I do and how I do it every day. They will help you improve your life so much.

Whether it's through email or telephone call, or appointments or text messages, they have been wonderful about helping me find solutions quickly, and finding out information if they don't have it to help me and helping me find local people that could help me more than the doctors that I was finding and hitting roadblocks here.

Working with EastWest health is amazing. Because of my epilepsy and MS diagnosis coming so late in my life, I didn't feel I had the luxury to give the 10% that my medical doctors were telling me to put into it. So I jumped into the program, gave it 100% And I couldn't be happier five months later with the success that I found. My leg pain has gone, the stiffness from MS that I was experiencing is gone. I can sleep again, which is absolutely amazing. That's something that I didn't think was even possible anymore.”

Anna Randall


“This is your health we're talking about, and I concluded that I wanted to feel better, look better, be able to play with my grandkids, and I didn't like the way I felt at the time. And now, I feel much better. And just so much healthier.

I knew this was right for me when Regan sat down with our bloodwork, and he explained the bloodwork to us…detailed…I didn't know there was so much detail in blood work. And he made it so simple. And I was intrigued by it.

EastWest Health is the best in the world when you have questions. When you write to them, you call them with your questions, they get you an answer right away – that day.

You can't get that with your normal doctors, you may get a call tomorrow or the next day. 

Now I have no prescriptions. I can go to bed and go to sleep. I'm not stressed out. I go to the bathroom every day. And that is a game changer for me.”

Joie Frasier

Retired Environmental Health Safety Manager for Chevron

“As entrepreneurs, we're busy, we think it's going to take a lot of time. Honestly, I was just kind of lazy about my health over the past couple years or really decade. I hadn't really prioritized it or focused on it. And I just decided one day, I'm going to do this.

The biggest thing that I have noticed is I don't have that exhausted feeling anymore; I feel like I can do more and more. I can run a lot longer. I can do harder workouts. And I'm not completely exhausted. I find myself doing things around the house and throwing my kids in the air a lot more. 

Get your blood work done. Find out where your baseline is. And where do you want to be?

I feel like a better person, a better human, father, husband, everything in my life. I have a lot more clarity. I feel like I am much more able to cope with things because I'm in a better mental and physical state.


My experience with EastWest Health has been really joyous, so much so that my wife noticed so much change in me that she ended up joining the program too. And it's making her a better version of herself.

I look better, I feel better, my physique is definitely a lot better. I lost a lot of weight. I can lift more weight. I have developed a love for myself.”

John Rampton

President - ArticleX

“I'm in the middle of the program right now, and I'm already seeing big results. I'm a mom of five, I'm a Physical Therapy Doctor turning 40 this year; my life is full, it's fun, it's it's maxed out, but I have to make sure that my health is still going to get me through all these amazing fun goals I have.

My brain function is improving, I have better mental clarity, I have better energy, my digestive health is improving. I'm sleeping better, waking up more rested.

Everybody is amazing. It's been just awesome. You've got to invest in yourself.

I know that I'll be a lifelong participant at EastWest Health. I just am a huge proponent of the things that get us to the next level with our health.”

Ashley Payne

Physical Therapy Doctor

“I was diagnosed with the bad form of cancer – terminal – to the point where I shouldn't be here now.

The number one benefit I've experienced working with Regan and his staff, is life and vitality. I haven't felt this good in 25 or 30 years. I cannot imagine how good I would feel if I was a healthy individual. 

Regan is honest and authentic. He flat out told me “I'm not going to cure your cancer, Matt, but what I will do is make your body work better than it is so you can more optimally fight the cancer by itself.” And that's what's happened. My January scan showed my cancer reduced by half.

My March scans showed my cancer is stable. So, we're going to continue to fight, we're going to continue to march down this road.”

Matt Bruggman

Owner - Plumb Perfect

“My journey with EastWest and Regan started about a year ago. I had some health issues,  some hip issues, some memory and energy loss.

I was curious about stem cells, peptides, supplements, and I wanted to find out more. So I went to a seminar that Regan did. I was blown away by his knowledge, his desire to educate people, and an attitude to help us stay healthy as we mature.


I found out that I had arthritis in my hips, which was one of my major problems. I had stem cell injections done in my hips and shoulder, and I am absolutely pain free. I can't believe what an improvement I felt in my body after having that done. 

I am so grateful for the incredible, well-educated staff.”

Sharon Bettencourt


“The #1 benefit that I've experienced as a result of this program is much higher energy, improved mental focus and stamina, better recovery and less experiences with inflammation.

I've been very physically active my whole life with sports and working out. So it was a big setback for me when I had to have surgery and a transplant. The surgical team doesn't tell you what life is like post transplant – just that you're alive.

But the reality of it is alive and needing to nap multiple times a day is not a recipe for success when you are somebody that really wants to fully live life.

Since working with the East West Health team, my mental rebound is much faster, and my stamina mentally goes up all day long. I outpace my 25 year old and my 18 year old, which I love.

I'm 30 pounds down and I just feel really good every day. My quality of life is better and I'm no longer fearful about having to slow down as I get older; I feel like I'll just continue to get better.

Plus my mom started the program in her late 70s and stem cells saved her from a hip replacement. She walks amazing hills, and does three to five miles a day, keeping pace with me.

It's money well spent with the results that you get, so your body can continue to perform and blow your mind. As I get older, I feel like there's a lot of things that I just haven't been able to tackle yet in my life because work and life gets in the way. But I no longer feel like I'm running out of time for those things.

The results are great, the team is fun and informative. And I highly recommend it. You've got nothing to lose but bouncing out of bed in the morning feeling better than you did the day before.”

Janae Smith


“Before I started working with the EastWest Health team, I was experiencing quite a bit of burnout. I was exhausted. I wasn't getting great sleep. Even though I was working out and eating well, I wasn't in the physique that I really wanted.

I was having quite a bit of brain fog and constant exhaustion throughout the day and some memory issues.

As an entrepreneur, I need my energy. I need to be on my A-game. And I was looking for a structure of support where I could get the help with supplements, with peptides, with dialing in my sleep, and consistently looking at my labs.

I've found the consistent checking in, getting the right metrics and labs, and tracking in place has given me a lot more confidence, certainty, peace of mind in where my health is at and where I can optimize things.

I've loved the peptide protocols, and it's so simple to have things delivered every month, and to know the supplements I'm supposed to take for the month and be able to take them. It removes a lot of guesswork for me.

The biggest thing for me has been my energy has improved a lot. I'm having much better sleep, waking up rested, which was like unheard of for me for several years.

I've been able to dial in my physique and gain a lot more muscle mass in a way that feels really good. I'm showing up with a lot more of constant, present, calm energy throughout my day. And my memory has improved a lot.

They look at me from a holistic standpoint, and I feel super taken care of.

I have introduced many of my clients and my friends as I have been really stoked with working with the whole team and highly recommend it.

If you're an entrepreneur and you're looking to dial in your health, finally make it a priority.

I highly recommend you invest in yourself. It is the most important investment that you can make, and it is going to provide so much benefit for you in all categories of your life.”

Jennifer Hudye

Founder and CEO, Vision Driven